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Our Medical Imaging department is part of the Joint Department of Medical Imaging (JDMI) comprised of Women’s College Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital and the University Health Network (Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital and Toronto Rehab Hospital).

At Women’s College Hospital we provide and support imaging and interventional services in an ambulatory (out-patient) care environment. We are fully affiliated with the University of Toronto and are actively engaged in advancing diagnostic practices through research and academics. Our work is focused on improving and advocating the health of women as seen through our recent MSK Ultrasound and Virtual Colonography initiatives. We also boast one of the province's first Large Bore MRI Scanners. With its larger than normal opening, this scanner provides more comfort for our patients. We also work closely with clinical services including Family Practice, to develop new ways of offering walk-in patients access to same-day diagnostic scans.

Our inter-disciplinary staff work closely and professionally to provide quality diagnosis, assessment, planning and treatment for our patients.

We are also leading several eHealth innovations, software development initiatives and regularly updating clinical practices to align with current best industry standards.

At Women’s College Hospital we provide the following imaging services:

We provide the following treatments and procedures at our JDMI partnered sites:

  • vascular intervention (Toronto General, Toronto Western and Mount Sinai Hospitals)
  • thyroid biopsies (Toronto General Hospital)
  • sonohysterograms (Women’s College Hospital)

Supported by a dedicated team of technical and clerical staff, the radiologists in JDMI are sub-specialized in:

  • neurological imaging
  • cardio-thoracic imaging
  • abdominal imaging
  • breast imaging
  • musculoskeletal imaging
  • vascular Interventional radiology
  • molecular imaging

Referral Information
A referral from a physician is required.

For referring physicians:

The MRI Request Form (.pdf) is PDF writeable enabling external referring physicians to type directly into the form, print, sign and fax to Women’s College Hospital.

Typed requisitions will improve overall legibility and completeness of the forms we receive. Please note this electronic version cannot be populated and saved, but must be printed, signed and faxed to the appropriate number indicated on top of the form.


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