[r]Evolution Build Back Better Strategic Framework

Women’s College Hospital is globally renowned for reimagining and pioneering new care pathways with our communities that remove barriers to equitable care. Emerging from the shadows of a global pandemic, is the recognition of deep, systemic inequity and access issues in care delivery, research and education. What was once a small group advocating for change, has turned into a united chorus voicing the need to build back better.

Our [r]Evolution Build Back Better Strategic Framework outlines our path forward over the next two years into 2024. Building on the momentum of our Healthcare Revolutionized 2018-22 Strategy, we will focus on our key pillars including creating the right care environment and removing barriers to care, supporting our people and creating a culture of wellness, deepening our commitment to equity and integrating care with our community, and leading research and innovation to advance health science while developing healthcare leaders of the future.

The stage has been set for Women’s to accelerate our priorities and capture the momentum to catapult our system forward to revolutionize healthcare for everyone.