Child and Family Psychiatry Service

This specialized Mental Health Program grew out of the understanding that a woman’s (cis or trans) emotional well being is inextricably connected to that of her children and family.

The program provides consultation and short-term treatment for children aged 0 to 17 and their families, with concerns including: mood/anxiety, behaviour management, attention/hyperactivity, parenting, and parent-infant attachment. We do not have the capacity to see patients referred for concerns related to eating disorders, autism spectrum disorder or gender dysphoria at this time.

We are very pleased to offer group therapy for birthing parents with postpartum anxiety/depression and their infants, provided jointly with the Reproductive Life Stages program.

Our child psychiatrists work in collaboration with Mental Health psychiatrists and therapists to provide integrated care for families with parental mental health concerns.

We do not provide assessments related to custody or legal concerns. When parents are separated/divorced, please send documentation of custody & medical decision-making agreements. Unfortunately we are not able to see families when custody is in dispute, until this is resolved. Families in Transition may be helpful for some families in these circumstances.


We are now open for referrals for infants, children and youth, from birth up to 17 years of age.

Referrals should be completed by a family doctor or pediatrician, and must include the physician’s telephone, fax and billing number. Please also attach all prior psychiatric, psychological, psych-educational or other relevant prior external consultations with your referral.

If the patient or their parent/sibling has been seen in our clinic (current/past), please clearly indicate this in your referral.

If your referral relates to symptoms of behaviour/attention/hyperactivity such that ADHD is suspected, or if requesting guidance re: medication for confirmed ADHD, completing cardiac screening via this additional page at the time of referral may help expedite service and would be greatly appreciated

Once completed, please fax to 416-323-6356.