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For information about our breast cancer services during COVID-19 and tips for coping with a cancer diagnosis, please download this resource (.pdf).

Join our virtual hereditary cancer webinar series to connect with and learn from leaders in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer research and treatment. Register here.

The Peter Gilgan Centre for Women’s Cancers at Women College Hospital, in collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society, draws together excellence in research, clinical care, innovation and

Who We Are

The Peter Gilgan Centre for Women’s Cancers is a virtual program located at Women’s College Hospital (WCH), which supports wrap-around patient centred-care in partnership with WCH’s Surgical and Gynecology Services, Medical Imaging, Specialized Medicine Services, the Genetics and Hereditary Breast Cancer Clinic and the After Cancer Treatment Transition (ACTT) Clinic.  

The Centre draws together excellence in researchclinical careinnovation and education for women’s cancers, driven by a powerful vision to give every woman every chance to access the highest standard of cancer care no matter where she lives in Canada. We are working to transform care and make changes in the lives of people touched by women’s cancers by offering patient-centred care at all stages, providing training for health care professionals, empowering people with the information they will need throughout their cancer journey and revolutionizing care through groundbreaking research.  

Our clinics at WCH, in partnership with The Centre, offer access to screening and prevention, resources, tools, services and educational materials to empower you with the information you need. These clinics provide access to diagnosis for breast, endometrial, cervical and thyroid cancers, they perform preventative surgeries for breast and ovarian cancer and offer long-term aftercare, surveillance and support for cancer patients.

In collaboration with these clinics, we are committed to supporting patients through their cancer care journey. Our priorities are to help individuals reduce>their risk of getting cancer, diagnose symptoms that are suggestive of cancer, provide access to screening  so we can detect cancer early and provide wrap-around support after a diagnosis

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