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For information about our breast cancer services during COVID-19 and tips for coping with a cancer diagnosis, please download this resource (.pdf).

The Peter Gilgan Centre for Women’s Cancers at Women College Hospital, in collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society, draws together excellence in research, clinical care, innovation and education for women’s cancers.

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What we do

The vision and long-term goal of the Centre is to ensure that every Canadian woman has the chance to gain access to the highest standard of care in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship of cancer - no matter where she lives.

The Centre seeks to transform care and make changes in the lives of people touched by women’s cancers by:

  • Offering patient-centred care at all stages
  • Evidence-based training for health professionals
  • Empowering women with the knowledge and information they will need throughout their cancer journey and
  • Revolutionizing care through groundbreaking research

The Peter Gilgan Centre for Women’s Cancers is rooted in four key areas of focus:

Integrated Clinical Programs: Providing an individualized, integrated and coordinated approach to prevention, screening, surgical/medical treatments, aftercare and survivorship of women’s cancers.

Innovation: Developing best practices in cancer prevention and integrated cancer care by collaborating with others to scale up best practices for women across Canada and beyond. Leveraging virtual care and partnerships and building models of healthcare delivery that meet the unique needs of individuals in communities across Canada.

Education and Empowerment:

  • Providing evidence-informed education for women and healthcare providers to give and receive care.
  • Empowering women to understand their risk factors, access resources and make the best decisions for their own lives by accessing knowledge and tools.
  • Equip clinicians, healthcare workers and medical students with the tools, knowledge and resources they will need to effectively guide patients and their families through the options available on their cancer care journey.


  • Using groundbreaking research to stop hereditary breast and ovarian cancers before they begin.
  • Offering women access to genetic screening and tests, such as genetic screening for the BRCA1/2 mutation genes to empower them with the knowledge and support to inform care.
  • Translating research directly into clinical practice.
  • Understanding the risk behind women’s cancers and how this relates to chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

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What we treat

The Peter Gilgan Centre for Women’s Cancers is a virtual program located at Women’s College Hospital, which supports wrap-around patient centred-care in partnership between Surgical and Gynecology Services, Medical Imaging, Specialized Medicine Services and the Genetics and Hereditary Breast Cancer Clinic.

Cancer Screening and Prevention: access to screening and prevention, educational information, resources, tools and services.

Cancer Treatment: access to diagnosis for breast, endometrial, cervical and thyroid cancers. We offer out-patient surgical treatment in breast cancer surgeries and prophylactic breast and ovarian related surgeries.

Aftercare and Survivorship: Ongoing long-term aftercare, screening, surveillance and support for women using evidence-based practice and clinical pathways.

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Our programs

The Genetics and Hereditary Breast Cancer Clinic

The High Risk Clinic
Familial Ovarian Cancer Clinic
Ontario Breast Screening Program

Breast Imaging

The Breast Centre
Gynecology Program

Aftercare and Survivorship
The After Cancer Treatment Transition Clinic

The Better Prevention Practitioner Training Institute

The Screen Project
Women’s College Hospital Research Institute

Patient Education
Seminar Series
Peer Support
Talking with your children about a cancer diagnosis

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Patient stories

Laura Kelly's Story
Having lost so many loved ones to cancer, Laura became determined to live a long life. That's when she found WCH.

Sharon Newman’s Story
Fifteen days after Sharon Newman was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was a survivor crediting WCH research with saving her life.

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