Celebrating Dr. Meb Rashid: A trailblazer in healthcare

April 29, 2022
headshot of Dr. Rashid

Every year, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) recognizes individuals who have raised the standards of health care delivery or medical practice in Canada. Ten awards are given annually, celebrating the dedication, successes and talents of Canadians who have made significant contributions in the health space.

Dr. Meb Rashid, founder and medical director of the Crossroads Clinic at Women’s College Hospital (WCH), has been awarded the coveted CMA Award for Political Advocacy for his exceptional contributions in helping to transform our health care system for refugees.

“When working with refugee populations, many health issues are a result of social, economic and political forces,” says Dr. Rashid. “It is inevitable that as health care workers, we become involved in amplifying the voices of those that may not be so readily heard. It is an honour to have this aspect of our medical care recognized. As such, it is a privilege to be recipient of the CMA Award for Political Advocacy.”

Dr. Rashid is a fierce champion for refugee health in Canada, addressing systemic discrimination and racism in health care. He is currently at the helm of WCH’s Crossroads Clinic, providing comprehensive healthcare services to newly arrived refugees for the last ten years. As Toronto’s first hospital-based refugee health clinic, Dr. Rashid’s team at Crossroads is helping to bridge the health gap for newly arrived refugees.

In addition, Dr. Rashid co-founded Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care, which helps refugees access health insurance. His political advocacy includes successfully fighting federal cuts to refugee health coverage, which began in 2012 and were reversed by the Federal Court in 2014.

Dr. Rashid is a changemaker who is actively cultivating the next generation of refugee health advocates across the country. Congratulations, Dr. Rashid, on being the recipient of this year’s CMA Award for Political Advocacy!