Celebrating Patient and Experience Advisors!

June 7, 2024

On May 30th, patients, care partners, and community members from the Experience Advisor Program and the Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) in Family Practice Health Centre attended the first annual Women’s College Hospital Experience Advisor Appreciation Day. The collaborative event, organized by the Patient Experience and Family Practice Health Centre teams honored and celebrated Patient and Experience Advisors for their expertise, lived experience, insights, and contributions to improving care, services, and the patient experience.

The event was held to express WCH’s heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering commitment and contributions our Patient and Experience Advisor community through celebration and recognition. Guests enjoyed lunch and various activities while also having the opportunity to hear from guest speakers. Yvonne Niwahereza, a former WCH Experience Advisor, was the featured keynote speaker.  Yvonne shared her moving personal story of bravery and courage as told through her phenomenal evocative art.  Jack Woodman, Marie Pinard, and Elaine Goulbourne shared insights from their programs highlighting the involvement of Experience Advisors and PFAC members in various projects and key initiatives throughout the hospital. Genuine patient engagement is the cornerstone of improving health outcomes, and the involvement of our Patient and Experience Advisors helps WCH to enhance the quality of care and services.

To learn more, visit the Experience Advisor Program website. For inquiries about involving patients, care partners, or community members in hospital projects or initiatives, please contact patientexperience@wchospital.ca.