Feedback Drives Change: Meet Dr. Geetha Mukerji

October 22, 2023

Name: Dr. Geetha Mukerji

Pronouns: she/her

Title & Department: Staff Endocrinologist, Department of Medicine; WCH Corporate Medical Information Officer; WIHV Quality and Innovation Fellow

On the WCH team for: 11 years

How do you feel your feedback can contribute to the betterment of WCH?

Soliciting and collecting feedback can help identify areas to drive quality improvement efforts to better patient care and provider experience. I’ve always found WCH to be a place where I have felt valued as a practitioner whereby feedback was appreciated and resulted in timely improvement efforts.

What has your department done to implement changes based on last year’s engagement survey responses?

As Co-Chair of the Digital Quality Committee, we value the importance of the feedback from front-line staff to drive digital optimization to improve the overall quality of care. In accordance with putting patients first and improving efficiency, our Digital Quality Committee have responded to feedback and engaged in several key digital quality initiatives.

  • We developed an in-basket tune up project which purges low-value redundant digital notifications and streamlined the workflow of asynchronous messaging to create a more sustainable in-basket of relevant messages to free up more time to do high-value care for our patients.
  • Through our digital referral management program, we have transformed how referrals are handled in the organization and steered the spread of paper-less end-to-end referral digitization workflow in EPIC to over half of clinics in the hospital, with the ongoing roll out of Ocean e-Referral and Triaging referrals to e-Consult. Clinicians and administrative staff have found this process to be efficient, and better integrated into local workflows and referring providers are now receiving timely notifications of their referrals.
  • To support the expansion of virtual care, we have optimized the video visit experience and efficiency for providers and patients including emailing automatic zoom links and enhanced notifications, improved onboarding and training for video visits and the roll out dual monitors across the hospital. These enhancements have improved the end-user experience for patients and providers.

Why do you think it’s important for our physicians to complete this year’s Physician Engagement Survey?

Without feedback, it is challenging to understand where we need to put efforts to improve quality of care to improve patient and provider experience.

What do you think has most impacted the culture at Women’s over the last 18 months?

WCH supports a brave space for patients and staff. Our ongoing focus on the Quintuple Aim – improving equity and access, enhancing patient and provider experience, while being focused on population health with sustainable innovative models of healthcare delivery — has made it a great organization to work in.

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