Join us for Summer Student Research Week 2022!

June 23, 2022
summer student research week banner

We’re pleased to share that Summer Student Research Week is back from July 18 -22 this year!

Join us virtually, every day from 12 – 1 p.m., to hear about the exciting work WCH’s Summer Research Students have conducted in 2022.

This year we have 45 students giving presentations on their research projects across a variety of specialties from breast cancer research to Indigenous health research.

Through the Summer Student Research Program (SSRP), undergraduate, graduate and medical students are partnered with WCH scientists and clinical researchers where they are immersed in research for 12 to 16 weeks. All students have been working closely with Team WCH on their research projects, while also learning and developing practical research skills to help prepare them for their future careers and learning journeys.

Please use the following link to join us each day:

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 845 6769 3636

Passcode: 369928

Day 1: July 18

TimePresenterSupervisorField of Study
12:09-12:13Sloane KowalDr. Iliana LegaEndocrinology
12:14-12:18Nicole TravisDr. Lorraine LipscombeEndocrinology
12:19-12:23Afnan MusaDr. Lorraine LipscombeEndocrinology
12:24-12:28Mariangela ArtegaDr. Jennifer WymanAddictions
12:29-12:33Maya BidermanDr. Julie ThorneGynecology
12:34-12:38Izzar LinaresDr. Joanne KotsopoulosBreast Cancer
12:39-12:43Aghaghia MokhberDr. Joanne KotsopoulosBreast Cancer
12:44-12:48Simran SandhuDr. David LimBreast Cancer
12:49-12:53Massoma KisobDr. Aisha LoftersBlack Women’s Experience with Breast Cancer

Day 2: July 18

TimePresenterSupervisorField of Study
12:09-12:13Brennan SnowDr. Katie ArmstrongTransition Related Surgery
12:14-12:18Tiffany TseDr. Katie ArmstrongTransition Related Surgery
12:19-12:23Wendy FuDr. Christine LayHeadache
12:23-12:30Aishat Adekunte & Eileen WangDr. Dana RossTrauma Therapy/Psyichatry
12:31-12:35Zahra YousufDr. Richard BrullAnesthesia
12:36-12:40Callum BarnesDr. Gianni LorelloAnesthesia/Transition Related Surgery
12:41-12:45Zuhal MohmandDr. Natasha BollegalaAnesthesia/Gastroenterology

Day 3: July 20

TimePresenterSupervisorField of Study
12:09-12:13Natalie PalumboDr. Paula RochonOlder women, aging and health
12:14-12:18Luxsa NanthakumaranDr. Ibukun AbejirindeHealth Solutions and Systems
12:19-12:23Azza OsmanDr. Ibukun AbejirindeHealth Solutions and Systems
12:24-12:28Heba RobleDr. Ibukun AbejirindeHealth Solutions and Systems
12:29-12:33Ella NugentDr. Rulan ParekhEquity
12:34-12:38Ezinne NdukweDr. Rulan ParekhEquity
12:39-12:43Hannah SeoDr. Janice Du MontTrans and Sexual Assualt
12:44-12:48Stephanie ElliottDr Janice Du Mont & Dr. Robin MasonSex Trafficking

Day 4: July 21

TimePresenterSupervisorField of Study
12:09-12:13Julie VoDr. Laura DesveauxHealth Solutions and Systems
12:14-12:18Wondewossen GebeyehuDr. Husam Abdel-QadirCardiology
12:19-12:23Gazelle HalajhaDr. Husam Abdel-QadirCardiology
12:24-12:33Kavi Grewal, Idris Khalifa & Erika NakajimaDr. Husam Abdel-QadirCardiology
12:34-12:38Anna SzatanDr. Geetha MukherjiWomen’s Virtual/Virtual Care
12:39-12:43Sarah QureshiDr. Jay ShawDigital Health and Equity
12:44-12:48Siddhartha SoodDr. An-Wen ChanDermatology
12:49-12:53Alisia ChenDr. Mandeep SinghAnesthesia

Day 5: July 22

TimePresenterSupervisorField of Study
12:09-12:13Angie AntonioDr. Suvendrini LenaBlack Health
12:14-12:18Zoya GomesDr. Jay UdellCardiology
12:19-12:23Michel KiflenDr. Jay UdellCardiology
12:24-12:28Carrie LauDr. Blanca Bolea AlamanacPsychiatry
12:29-12:33Victoria Lopez GarciaDr. Lisa Richardson & Emily SimmondsIndigenous Health
12:34-12:38Jordan RamnarineDr. Suvendrini LenaIndigenous Health
12:39-12:43Maia KellyDr. Suvendrini LenaIndigenous Health
12:44-12:48Hafsa ZiaDr. Heather MillarGynecology
12:49-12:53Sivakami MylvaganamDr. Lihi EderRheumatology