Meet Chris Battiston

October 3, 2022

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Chris Battiston, Research Data Analyst, Research Operations at WCH

Name: Chris Battiston

Title & Department: Research Data Analyst, Research Operations

On the WCH team for: 7 years

1. What does your typical work day look like?

I’m responsible for the REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) platforms here at WCH so my day starts off very early – usually around 5am – when I check REDCap to make sure everything is OK.  I then review my emails from the previous day, which is usually when my toddler wakes up and I’m then on parent duty until he goes to my in-laws.  Then it’s back to work in my home office, where my day brings anything from building REDCap projects for clinical trials to supporting teams with complex data management questions. 

2. What excites you the most about working at WCH?

I love seeing the various ways that studies use REDCap – from complex longitudinal projects with tens of thousands of participants to one-time surveys on telehealth for health care providers.  One of the best feelings I get in my role is seeing the reactions when I show a study team something I’ve done in REDCap that they thought was going to be too difficult or complicated to accomplish.

3. How does your work contribute to creating a positive patient experience?

Although I don’t have direct patient contact, REDCap is the “face” for a lot of studies where patients fill in the study surveys, so I try and ensure that the questionnaires are easy to use and accessible, with questions that are sensitive, inclusive and representative of our patient population.  I want the principles that WCH strives for to shine through every survey/form on REDCap. 

4. Tell us one (or three) thing(s) that your colleagues would be surprised to learn about you?

  • I’m a fan of a huge variety of music – from heavy metal to opera. 
  • I volunteer with a number of different organizations so that I can broaden my knowledge on topics like data management, web security, etc.
  • I’ve been meditating for at least an hour every day since I was 16.