Meet Jan

June 5, 2024

June is Pride Month, an incredible opportunity for us to celebrate the rich diversity of the 2SLGBTQ+ community at Women’s and beyond. This month, we’re featuring members of our Pride Committee. 

Name: Jan MacKay

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Title & Department: Volunteer, Front Desk

On the WCH team for: 3 years

1. Why did you decide to join thee Pride Committee in such a meaningful capacity this year?

The energy of the first WCH Pride month I experienced completely awed me! It just seemed as if the team was so cohesive and the events were not only relevant, they were full of joy and celebration. The Pride Committee again last year was inspiring, they seemed to work tirelessly and were so committed to including and educating everyone, while having a great time (and wearing awesome t-shirts)! Last year, some boards of education were not allowing students to fly the pride flag on school property, despite the initiative being student-led. It made me both glad to be at WCH where that just wouldn’t happen and incredibly sad for both my sons and my former students that there seemed to be so much needless vitriol and hatred. I really felt it was an important year to march with WCH in the Pride Parade. Everybody I met welcomed me as an ally. I met so many warm wonderful people, I had no doubt I wanted to become a more official part of the process.

2. What work makes WCH an inclusive place for 2SLGBTQ+ Communities?

Honestly I am not directly a member of the community, but from my perspective, it seems to be one of the only places where so many groups are represented and working as a pretty cohesive unit. For people like me who have a ton to learn, WCH educates without being condescending or dismissive. It puts the values and dignity into action, rather than ticking political boxes. The hospital unquestionably reaches out directly to do critically important work with patients in all the above communities and I continue to enjoy learning about the dynamic, valuable work being done. In many cases, it does seem revolutionary!

3. What is your greatest wish for 2024 as it relates to Pride Month and healthcare?

That all participants can celebrate the huge diversity of Pride in Toronto, safe from the harm of ignorance and that everybody can take a “June” moment to learn something new that will lead to understanding for the whole year. Happy Pride!

4. Who is your 2SLGBTQ+ Pride role model? Why?

Kabir… because he constantly is not only a friendly enthusiastic and patient ambassador for WCH Pride, he rocks it!