Meet Trinh (Hazel) Ngo!

January 13, 2023

We are Women’s offers the WCH community a chance to get to know each other and share our stories.

Name: Trinh (Hazel) Ngo

Pronouns: she/her

Title & Department: Medical Secretary – Endocrinology clinic

On the WCH team for: 3.5 years

1. What does your typical workday look like?

  • Print all faxes including prescriptions, reports, and notifications, sort and give them to five clinical secretaries
  • Manage referral work queues for General Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Thyroid program; Forward referrals to physicians to triage, book initial appointments, send correspondence letters such as incomplete, canceled, no-show or reject letters to referring providers, contact patients to reschedule no-show/canceled appointments, mail appointment letters to patients or call them to notify of their appointments when it’s urgent
  • Answer incoming phone calls
  • Retrieve and return voicemails
  • Communicate with physicians and clinical secretaries to ensure schedule filled and booked properly

2. What excites you the most about working at WCH?

I am grateful to work with my current coworkers who are supportive, experienced, and kind. When I have a question, they give me a straightforward and clear answer. They have never blamed me for any mistakes but taught me how to avoid errors in the future. We give each other a hand when anyone needs help. I can confidently say we are the best team ever!

I am also happy to work with my supervisor, Victor Cipriano and my manager, Rebecca Shantz. They are thoughtful, well-organized, and knowledgeable. They respect all of us and appreciate our work, and I feel like they always have my back if something goes wrong.

3. How does your work contribute to creating a positive patient experience?

When I receive a referral, I make sure all required information is included, especially lab work and medical imaging results so that our physicians can triage it properly. When I book appointments, I check how old a patient is and if they live far away, then I choose a good time slot for them. I provide patients all details of their appointment such as our location, contact number, date and time, provider name, type of visit, what we require for the appointment, and information of our portal myHealthRecord as well. This information helps patients to understand what it is for and what they need to prepare.

When patients call in, I provide outstanding customer service. I talk to them respectfully, make sure information given is accurate, and try my best to accommodate their requests. I want them to be happily satisfied after every phone call.    

4. Tell us one to three things that your colleagues would be surprised to learn about you!

My honesty: I would never lie, even a white lie. I just don’t know how to tell a lie and I don’t want to be caught.