Project Launch Celebrates its One-Year Anniversary!

April 27, 2023

It has been one year since the official roll out of Project Launch and we are excited to continue developing this multi-phase program!  Project Launch aims to streamline existing processes to enable anyone at Women’s College Hospital (WCH) to initiate a research, scholarly quality improvement, education scholarship and/or program evaluation project or study. 

Project Launch – “Central Form” Continues to Evolve

  • We continue to develop the “Central Form” to ensure that navigating Project Launch is simple and streamlined.
  • We will be moving the Central Form onto the external-facing REDCap domain in early May.
  • For current access to the Central Form, please ensure that you have a WCH email address and VPN/onsite access to use REDCap. Please contact the REDCap office for access at
  • This past year our team conducted over 20 short demonstrations with various WCH stakeholders to introduce this new feature – anyone interested in participating in a demo or learning more about the Central Form can reach out to Evelina Rutkowski, Project Manager, at

Step 1: WCH Initiation Form

  • The WCH Initiation Form was launched in May 2022. To date it has been used over 180 times by teams across WCH!  Updates to this planning tool continue to take place as needs develop. You can access this tool here: WCH Initiation Form

Step 2: Part I, Pre-Consultative/ Initial Assessment  

  • This section of Project Launch includes (A) Conflict of Interest, (B) Training Attestation, and (C) Privacy & Data Security Attestation.
  • We are currently working with process owners and end users in the development and testing of these tools, as well as related workflows in REDCap. Step 2, Part I will be released Summer 2023.

Step 2: Part II, Service Providers’ Impact

  • The Service Providers’ Impact was soft launched in November 2022 and is now officially live!     
  • This step has been extensively developed in collaboration with WCH service providers and stakeholders as a result of feedback highlighting the need to streamline and clarify processes.
  • Teams/individuals now have the opportunity to work closely with WCH service providers to ensure that any impact(s) have been fully addressed. 
  • You can access the forms under Step 2: Service Providers’ Impact.  *Instructions are available on the WCRI landing page.

Step 2: Part III (A) Scientific Review

  • This new electronic format aims to replace the paper-based ‘Scientific Review’ form.
  • We have just completed the testing phase and will soft launch this form beginning May 3rd! It can be accessed here.     

 Step 2: Part III (B) Departmental Feasibility

  • Our next step will be developing and testing the “Departmental Feasibility” of Project Launch.  Anyone interested in volunteering to help test this tool can email Evelina Rutkowski, Project Manager, at

Step 2: Part IV Financial Review

  • This section of Project Launch is currently under development
  • Coming in Summer 2023

Step 3 (Ethics & Contracts) and Step 4 Institutional Approval

  • Steps 3 and 4 are under development

And as always, feedback is welcomed as we continue to refine the process and tools.  All comments on the new forms and processes should be sent to Evelina Rutkowski, Project Manager, at

We greatly appreciate your support and feedback as we develop each step within Project Launch.  Stay tuned for further updates as the process evolves!