Saying goodbye to WCH’s Cris Barrett

February 6, 2023

After more than 40 years at Women’s College Hospital, Cris Barrett, Director, Specialized Medicine and Mental Health, is heading into retirement! With so many decades under her belt, Cris has been through many personal and professional hurdles and milestones with Women’s and is leaving with many memories and friendships she’s made along the way.

Looking back at her time at Women’s College, Cris dealt with her fair share of major events with the hospital, including starting up the first Ontario SARS clinic in 2003, serving food during the major provincial black out, working through the G20 protests that rocked the city, as well as helping open the COVID-19 Testing Centre in 2020.

“WCH was truly my second family,” she says.

Of her colleagues, she has nothing but love and admiration, a mutual feeling shared by those who worked with her. Catherine Fox, Clinical Manager, Dermatology/Mental Health, has nothing but the highest of praise for Cris.

“In the thirty-plus years Cris has been with WCH, she has likely done fifty-plus years of work,” she says. “She has a work ethic like no other, and never stops moving or thinking. She is truly a force to be reckoned with and her energy, wisdom and kindness are unmatched. Cris is truly a one-of-a-kind leader.”

Cris will be taking with her memories of colleagues always trying to make her smile, inspiration always taken from her work, and the love and joy she got from her working in clinical areas and working with her staff. While she’ll miss the friends she’s made, she’s excited to spend more time with her grandchildren, more time in her garden, and most of all – to have a free schedule for the first time in decades!

As she heads into retirement, Cris has a few parting words for her friends at Women’s College Hospital. “Stay positive and ensure that laughter is part of your daily experience. Everyone has a special something so make sure you catch it. And many thanks to everyone and stay healthy; look for the special shining star in each other.”

Happy retirement, Cris, and thank you for an incredible four plus decades at Women’s College!