Statement from CEO and Chair of WCH Board of Directors

February 16, 2022

We are extraordinarily disappointed to learn that a member of the Women’s College Hospital Foundation Board of Directors has allegedly provided funding to support what has become commonly known as the “Freedom Convoy” or “Trucker Convoy”. While we respect the right to peaceful protest, many of the images and actions associated with this movement are not consistent with the values of Women’s College Hospital.

We stand against hate, racism and violence. Any actions counter to this by anyone, at any level associated or connected to the organization, will not be tolerated. Our staff, physicians, learners and volunteers have worked tirelessly to keep our patients and each other safe in the face of the greatest public health crisis of our lifetime. We are deeply honored by their personal sacrifices and in no way support any actions that calls this into question.

We have been assured that the WCH Foundation Board of Directors will deal with this matter in an expeditious manner. We deeply apologize to anyone in our community for any upset this may have caused.

Heather McPherson
President and CEO Chair
Women’s College Hospital

JoAnne Doyle
Board of Directors
Women’s College Hospital