The Finance office has moved!

July 24, 2023

Starting July 24, the Finance team will be located at our new hybrid workspace located at 790 Bay Street. The Accounts Payable team will continue to be located on the 6th floor in room 6130, and a locked drop-box will be available for invoices outside the door.

The new space was created as part of our commitment to fostering the right work environment to support the wellness and resilience of our teams. Featuring bookable touchdown spaces, a standing workstation, technology-enabled meeting rooms, focus rooms and more, the new space is designed to support those working in a hybrid manner while optimizing the use of our hospital spaces.

The Finance team is the first to use the new hybrid workspace as part of a pilot, with plans to eventually make touchdown spaces available to more teams who work remotely. The Finance team continues to be available via Microsoft Teams and email.