The Medical Breast Training Program

June 23, 2022

The Medical Breast Training Program provides clinicians with tools and knowledge to evaluate and manage common breast complaints, to perform personalized risk assessment and management, and to care for breast cancer survivors. The goal is to educate practitioners in the field about guidelines for screening and diagnosis, risk reduction, genetics and survivorship.

The program is run by The Mayo Clinic, in collaboration with The Cleveland Clinic and sponsored by The Peter Gilgan Centre for Women’s Cancers at Women’s College Hospital.

Participants, through online, pre-recorded lectures and live interactive case discussion sessions, will gain practical knowledge about the management of common breast issues, will confidently identify and manage those at risk and will effectively care for survivors, with topics ranging from bone health, to sexuality, to integrative medicine.

This program is specifically designed for the specialty groups of Medical Oncologists, Women’s Health, Family Medicine and Primary Care. Content is designed for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses and Allied Health professionals.

The course consists of 10 sessions:

Session One: Breast Cancer Screening

Session Two: Breast Diagnostic Evaluation

Session Three: Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and Genetics

Session Four: Management of High-Risk Patient

Session Five: Benign Breast Lesions

Session Six: Malignant Breast Lesions

Session Seven: Navigation for the Cancer Patient

Session Eight: Breast Cancer Survivorship

Session Nine: Health and Optimal Wellbeing

Session Ten: Potpourri: Hormones, AI, Legal Aspects, Community Resources and Writing Your own Case Reports

Click here to view the comprehensive program schedule.

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