Wen-Do at WCH

December 8, 2023

This year, the SA/DVCC ran two Wen-Do courses, taught by instructor Laura Hartley. These 4 week courses were offered to patients who had sought care from the SA/DVCC service, as a means to learn physical self-defence techniques and build confidence. Laura delivered these courses through a trauma-informed lens and built a safe space to have discussions around sexual assault, domestic violence and increasing safety awareness.

The course had 9 participants in the spring as well as the fall session. Wen-Do encourages participants to use their bodies just how they are, and it offers alternatives and modifications for participants with physical limitations or disabilities. 

These courses provide a dynamic mix of learning and practicing physical/verbal self-defence techniques, with discussion and dialogue on a wide range of issues relating to gender-based violence including: relationship abuse, sexual assault, harassment, self-defence and the law, and safety and awareness in a variety of situations/settings.

We are so grateful to Laura for teaching these courses and having a positive impact on members of the WCH community.