Information About No/Low Touch Medical Abortion

Women’s College Hospital’s Bay Centre for Birth Control (BCBC) is offering no-touch virtual medical abortion services to assist those patients who face geographical or other barriers to visiting us on site.

Note that virtual care may involve several phone and video visits with our clinical team. If you are eligible for no-touch virtual abortion, you will be provided with the medication at the end of those visits. (Specific devices and applications are required to conduct video visits. To learn more, please visit our video visit instructions page.)

Below, please find materials relevant to your care at the Bay Centre. It is important that you review these materials before your first appointment with our clinical team.

Client Information About Evidence Based Telemedicine Medication Abortion ( pdf).

Informed Consent for Telemedicine Medication Abortion with Mifepristone and Misoprostol (.pdf)

Informed Consent to Decline Rh Testing and Rh Immunoglobin Administration (.pdf)

Instructions & Medication Diary

Follow-up Information and Instructions for Medical Abortion (.pdf)

BCBC Medication/Symptom Diary for Medical Abortion (.docx)