Immunization Information

General Information

The Pre-Placement Health Assessment Form assists Women’s College Hospital to determine the individual’s ability to perform the essential duties and requirements of their job, in accordance with the provisions of the Human Rights Code, 1981. It is important that we are aware of any medical conditions that may result in work limitations, in order to ensure your safety and protection while at the hospital.

In accordance with section 4 of Regulation 965 under the Public Hospitals Act, the Communicable Disease Surveillance Protocols for Ontario Hospitals requires each hospital to limit the risk of exposure and transmission of communicable diseases for all persons carrying out activities within the hospital. Therefore, all newly hired staff, physicians or learners are required to provide proof of their immunity to the communicable diseases indicated in the Immunization Record Form.

An N95 respirator is a type of high efficiency filtration mask that requires fit testing as per Occupational Health & Safety Guidelines. A respirator fit test ensures that the user is receiving the expected level of protection through proper fitting. Regardless of the employee’s position, an N95 respirator fit test is required while on-site in the event of an airborne infectious outbreak.

Onboarding Requirements

As a condition of your employment, completion of the following is mandatory:

(Can be accessed here) – this online form is provided in your job offer letter and is to be completed in advance of your start date. It is automatically submitted to the Occupational Health, Safety, and Wellness (OHSW) Department upon completion. Confidential medical information is not shared with your manager or Human Resources.

(download here) – this form must be completed within four (4) weeks of your Start Date. A Physician must complete this form for you if you do not have existing immunization records to provide. If you have existing immunization records (health records from a previous employer/school, blood work etc.) you do not need to submit this form, instead please provide all supporting documents to in order to prove your immunity.

A valid respirator fit test (completed in the last 2 years) is required for all new employees. If you have been previously tested, please submit your test with your Immunization Record to If you require a respirator fit test, please email to request an appointment.

Immunization Record FAQs

You will need to contact the Occupational Health Department of that employer/institution and request a copy of your health record. You can then forward us a copy or request them to email it directly to us at

No, please forward your copies instead when submitting the required documents to Please ensure that your supporting documents show proof of your immunity to all the communicable diseases listed on the form.

No, unfortunately we do not administer any immunizations for staff. You will need to contact your family physician or go to a walk-in clinic to have them completed.

If you require a 2-Step Tuberculin Skin Test, we are unable to provide this for you. Please contact your family physician or go to a walk-in clinic to have them completed.

If you require lab evidence of your immunity to Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella and Hepatitis B, OHSW can provide a blood work requisition. This requisition can only be used in the Lobby Lab on Level 1 of WCH (76 Grenville, beside the Main Elevators), and the results will come back to OHSW within 2-4 weeks. If your results show no immunity to one of the communicable diseases, you will be required to get an updated immunization through your family physician or a walk-in clinic.

Yes, we require your immunizations regardless if you will be on-site or not. This is precautionary, in the event the status of your position changes. An N95 respirator fit test is mandatory as part of your employement.