Declaration of Patient Values

At Women’s College we are committed to enhancing the health and quality of life of all we serve. To deliver on this mission we have created a Declaration of Patient Values that affirms what we heard from our communities about what they expect from health-care and their health-care team.


Care that recognizes and involves you as an
active participant of your health team.

Compassionate care that is inclusive, holistic and
responsive to diversity and life circumstances.

A positive patient experience for you and your family
with your healthcare providers.

Safe, courteous, non-judgemental care that is
respectful of your privacy and confidentiality.

Excellent care for all that is seamless and informed by
leading edge research and practice.

Research, education and action that supports the advancement of
health equity and quality of care for women an their families.

Our Declaration of Patient Values (.pdf) was informed by patients, community partners and caregivers. We gathered feedback through consultations where we surveyed women from diverse Ontario communities to get their insights into women’s relationships with their health and health care to inform the patient experience at Women’s College Hospital, and to inspire ideas for an improved ambulatory hospital experience. A full report on the consultations is reflected in the A Thousand Voices For Women’s Health (.pdf) report.

This public consultation process was in accordance with Ontario’s Excellent Care for All Act, in order to ensure consideration and integration of patient and family-centred needs through the continuum of care. We have posted the Declaration of Patient Values below.

The Declaration of Patient Values strengthens our commitment to deliver excellent care for all and optimal health outcomes for our patients.

To provide feedback, contact patient relations at 416-323-7702 or by email at