Family Practice Health Centre – Online Appointment Booking

Online appointment booking is available for registered patients at the Family Practice Health Centre (FPHC).

Please note that only some appointment slots have been made available for online booking. If a suitable day or time is not available online, or for additional appointment types such as well-baby visits, periodic health exams, or prenatal visits, please call the Family Practice Health Centre at 416-323-6060.

Appointments booked online are intended to address one health concern only (e.g., joint pain, skin concern, pap test, prescription renewal).

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Please use this tool to determine if your appointment is appropriate for the emergency room, virtual clinic, or in-person appointment. Do not hesitate to call our clinic with questions or concerns.

If you are under the care of any of the listed physicians, you can schedule a 15-minute appointment with your healthcare provider using the provided online booking links:

To book, you will need:

  • Your health card number
  • Name
  • Birthdate

Green Team

  • Dr. Noah Ivers
  • Dr. Carol Kitai
  • Dr. Danielle Martin
  • Dr. Betty Chen
  •  Dr. Onil Bhattacharyya
  • Dr. Laura Stratton
  • Dr. Vanessa Rambihar
  • Dr. Hemen Shukla

Blue Team

  • Dr. Dara Maker
  • Dr. Bradley Lichtblau
  • Dr. Diana Hsiang
  • Dr. Melinda Wu
  • Dr. Stephen Holzapfel
  • Dr. Deborah Levitan

Yellow Team

  • Dr. Susie Kim
  • Dr. Nikita Patel
  • Dr. Batya Grundland
  • Dr. Jonah Schermbrucker 
  • Dr. Kymm Feldman

Red Team

  • Dr. Ruth Heisey
  • Dr. Jesse Myers
  • Dr. Jordana Sheps
  • Dr. Sumeet Gill
  • Dr. Viola Antao
  • Dr. Tuhina Biswas

Online Booking with Residents – PILOT

We are currently piloting online appointment booking for our Family Medicine residents with a small number of residents. If your primary care provider is one of our residents, you will be able to try online appointment booking using the link below.


Patients of the Family Practice Health Centre are now able to book an appointment with our Family Health Team pharmacist using online booking. Please note that these appointments should not be for urgent care matters or medication refill requests.

The Family Health Team pharmacist can help:

  • Answer questions about your medications, including questions related to side effects and drug interactions
  • Perform medication reviews
  • Provide an up-to-date list of your medications
  • Help meet your medication-related goals 

Pap Test Clinic

  •  Current Cancer Care Ontario guidelines suggest that routine paps be done every three years for women (including all individuals with a cervix) who have ever been sexually active, starting at age 25, until age 69
  • If you are due for a Pap, feel free to book online into one of our Nurse Practitioner Pap Test Clinics using the link below. If you are unsure whether you are due, please contact Family Practice by phone (416-323-6060)


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